Integrated Business Planning Becomes Unified with OneStream™

Plan the business, analyze the financials, and make decisions with a single platform

Go from Static to Agile Planning

Unleash finance, sales, operations and HR to develop detailed business plans, leverage drivers and understand the impact to financial goals.

Key Features

Extensible Dimensionality®

Enable the business to plan without compromise and at the level of granularity it requires. Extensible Dimensionality® allows multiple Corporate Performance Management solutions to live in one application.

  • Allow both corporate standardization and business units operational relevance
  • Delivers the most efficient analytic model
  • Eliminates the need for multiple application instances

OneStream XF’s powerful Extensibility supports the unique requirements of corporate, business units and diverse business processes in one application. This singular data model supports the sophisticated business processes of global organizations.

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Relational Blending

Relational Blending technically enables finance leaders to manage the business at the detailed driver-level, such as customer or product, and understand the real-time impact to financials.  

  • Dynamically align detailed operational plans to financial goals
  • Leverage relational or cube technology to best meet business planning and analysis needs
  • Store data where it belongs - unlike other solutions which force fit data into a cube or relational structure which can negatively impact performance
  • OneStream combines analytic, stage, relational and source transactional data into one model

XF MarketPlace – Purpose-built Business Solutions

Deliver additional CPM solutions, templates, tools and content with a simple download, similar to downloading an app to an iPhone®.

  • Financial Close and Reporting - Account Reconciliations, Close Manager, Compliance Solutions
  • Specialty Planning - People Planning, Capex Planning, Cash Planning, Sales Planning, Thing Planning
  • Productivity Tools - Task Manager, Parcel Service, Diagnostics 123
  • 50+ Solutions Available
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Dril-Quip’s new driver-based forecasting process within OneStream not only simplifies the workflow for each of our users by providing a guided step-by-step process, but it also enhances our users’ experience through the automation of processes that were previously manual in nature. As a result, Company management is able to make important operational and strategic decisions based on key trends identified by this higher quality forecast Trevor Ashurst | Manager for Financial Planning & Analysis and Investor Relations

Dril-Quip Success Story

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Watch Integrated Business Planning Webinar Replay

In a brief discovery session, one of our expert Solutions Consultants will perform a survey to find out what legacy SAP CPM applications you are currently using, what your requirements are, and assess whether OneStream XF is a better solution for you.