Lead at Speed and Drive Performance for Manufacturers

Modernize planning, financial close, reporting and analysis with a single, unified finance platform.

Optimize Performance with Integrated Business Planning, Analytics and Financial Signaling

Provide insights into customers, suppliers and manufacturing operations.

Key Features

Financial Close, Consolidation and Reporting

Streamline the financial close with automation of GL data loads, intercompany eliminations, and currency translations. Access accurate and secure financial and operational information from any data source.

      • Increase productivity with Close Manager and Task Manager to provide a holistic view of close processes
      • Improve insight into the real FX impact of currency on every balance sheet account, track detail movements and changes for complete cash flow reporting
      • Eliminate manual or standalone reconciliation solutions with the Account Reconciliations solution available in the OneStream XF MarketPlace
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Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Align operational plans such as sales, capital, people and production plans with financial goals. Create multiple scenarios with rolling forecasts and driver based, predictive plans.

  • Build detailed, integrated business plans for key stakeholders without compromise; align with consolidated financial goals
  • Improve user adoption and data entry by leveraging dynamic web forms or the comfort of Excel to instantly create or update the plan or forecasts
  • Expand forecasts and the business dialogue with built-in predictive analytics from the XF MarketPlace. Find new ways to ask “why”
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Customer and Product Profitability

Automated allocations and flexible reporting tools provide visibility into profitability across key products, customer segments, and channels.

  • Visualize the impact of planning decisions on profitability and margins with “what-if” driver-based planning
  • Maintain one "governed" source of truth for data extending access to line of business managers and executives with confidence
  • Combine financial, operational and transactional data in a single dashboard for comprehensive visualization and analysis
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Financial Signaling

Gain insight into your true business drivers and signals. Empower rapid-response decisions with in-solution access to granular, business-driver data that is automatically aligned to financials.

  • Plan at the granular, business-driver level with specialty planning solutions; dynamically align to financial goals
  • Uniquely combine governed financial data and operational data within the same data model and unified experience
  • Leverage OneStream’s financial intelligence with operational data, turn financial signals and trends in data into actionable insights on daily or weekly data
  • Gain full auditability & transparency between financial and operational data without data latency
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By combining operational and financial plans, we can accurately budget for our manufacturing needs and correctly match the required capacity with our anticipated production and revenue targets. Plant Controllers are able to enter Labor and Production drivers, and OneStream automatically calculates manufacturing absorption and labor variances for true capacity planning. Michael Barfuss | Corporate Controller, CleaverBrooks