OneStream™ Certification Program

OneStream is Launching a New Certification Program!


The OneStream Certification Program will establish a thriving community of proven OneStream professionals prepared to support the future of intelligent finance. OneStream’s certifications will demonstrate the highest levels of technical competency, productivity, and industry recognition, offering a way to advance careers and gain a competitive advantage.

We plan to offer four levels of role-based certification, validating Administrators, Lead Architects, Specialist Architects, and Master Architects in their specific area of OneStream expertise. The program will be rolled out in multiple phases, starting with the first exam designed for Lead Architects to demonstrate their technical implementation knowledge and skills. To achieve the OneStream Certified status, candidates must pass an online, proctored, hybrid multiple-choice and performance-based exam. The exam will be based on a combination of the OneStream Foundation Handbook, formal training material, commonly referenced product documentation, and real-world scenarios.


OneStream Foundation Handbook: The Definitive Reference to Design, Configure, and Support Your OneStream Platform


As part of the new OneStream Press, which is designed to enable our community to publish OneStream collateral of interest, we have launched our first book titled, “OneStream Foundation Handbook."

As the proven alternative to legacy, connected CPM solutions, OneStream (see Figure 1) unleashes the power of Finance by unifying CPM processes – such as planning, financial close & consolidation, reporting and analytics – through a single, extensible solution. Our platform enables Finance teams to empower the enterprise with financial and operational insights from the same data to support faster, more informed decision-making. And it does all of that in a cloud platform designed to continually evolve and scale with your organization.

In the book, OneStream’s team of experts break down each part of implementation, dive into the design aspects and detail the guiding principles. This book is a practical guide packed with many of the details you’ll need to know to pass the OneStream Lead Architect certification exam. Through the key topics covered, you’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Manage your implementation with our methodology
  • Understand design and build concepts
  • Build solutions to consolidate financial data and develop planning models
  • Create data integration solutions that will feed your models
  • Develop workflows to guide and manage your end users
  • Advance your solution with rules and security
  • Take advantage of detailed data reporting with tools such as Analytic Blend, Advanced Excel reporting and Dashboarding
  • Tune your performance and optimize your application


Figure 1 – OneStream’s Intelligent Finance Platform

Because the book is recommended to prepare for the OneStream Lead Architect exam, you will be eligible to claim a 50% discount voucher for the post-beta production exam with proof of purchase for this book. That’s a savings of $500 off MSRP!

And that’s just to start! Look for more titles from OneStream and our partner community from OneStream Press!

OneStream Lead Architect Beta Exam

Prior to releasing a certification exam, OneStream will offer exams during a “try-out” or Beta period. These Beta exams are open for a short period of time, typically 10 days, with a goal of having 60 or more participants complete the exam. Beta exams are used to collect data on the performance of the exam items. The statistical results of the exam items’ performance, along with the candidates’ comments and feedback, assist OneStream in selecting effective exam items to build and release the production exam, which is the final version of the exam. The Lead Architect Beta exam will be available by invitation only to partners, customers, and employees starting April 2, 2021.

Beta Exam Details

The first 60 candidates to register for the Beta exam will be able to take it for FREE! If you are not one of the first 60 candidates, you will still be able to take the Beta exam at a discount of $300 USD. (That’s a savings of $700 off the post-beta production exam MSRP!) The Beta exam is longer than the production exam, because Beta participants will answer all the items in the item pool. Candidates will have 8-hours to complete all multiple-choice items and performance-based tasks. The performance-based tasks will require candidates to solve multiple tasks within the OneStream software environment. Candidates will be allowed to request bathroom breaks, and are encouraged to take a 30 to 60-minute break after they complete multiple choice items and before starting performance-based tasks.

After the Beta period is closed, exam scores and item data are collected. Beta exam information is imported into an exam database and linked to the item IDs and descriptions. Next, Beta candidate comments and classical item statistics or item response theory parameters are generated and reported. The reports are psychometrically analyzed to ensure that the items are valid and reliable. Items may be discarded if they are identified as too difficult or too easy, show evidence of not being clearly understood, are a poor discriminator of knowledge, and so on.

The final steps are to modify the exam with the results of the Beta and psychometric analysis, as well as establish a passing score. Using the raw data from the Beta exam, the Beta participants are scored on the new final production exam. If a candidate passes a Beta exam, he or she will become OneStream Certified.

Due to the amount of time to conduct psychometric analysis, pass/fail results from the Beta exam are not available until approximately five to six weeks after the Beta close date. Candidates will receive an automated email notification once the Beta scores are available.

How to Prepare for the OneStream Lead Architect Beta Exam

Download the Lead Architect Exam Study Guide

To achieve this level of certification, it is recommended that candidates have at least 2-3 years of experience in the field and 1+ years working with OneStream, with multiple projects being completed and live. Candidates should have experience with and knowledge and experience in areas of Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology.

Candidates are also encouraged to complete the following courseware:

In addition to the recommended OneStream Foundation Handbook, commonly referenced product documentation, and real-world experience, it is highly recommended that candidates complete training as part of the exam preparation process. However, attendance in the recommended training does NOT guarantee candidates will successfully pass a OneStream certification exam.

OneStream Lead Architect Beta Exam by Invitation Only

While our certification infrastructure is under development, the process to register for this Beta exam will differ from future exam registrations. Contact indicating your interest in taking the Beta exam.

What to Expect While Taking an Exam

  • The exam will be online and remotely proctored through video.
  • The exam consists of a hybrid of traditional multiple-choice questions and hands-on, performance-based job tasks.
  • The hybrid approach is designed to validate technical knowledge, skills and abilities aligned to how you actually do your job.

Learn about the Technical Requirements for completing this exam.

View the What to Expect While Taking the Exam video to learn more about the BETA exam.

With the freedom to take a remotely proctored exam, it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they have the necessary hardware (e.g., computer, large enough monitor, built in webcam or external USB webcam, power cords) and stable internet connectivity. If a candidate chooses to use an external monitor instead of a laptop screen with a built-in webcam, the candidate is responsible for providing their own external webcam for use during exam remote proctoring. Candidates should also download Chrome or Firefox. (TIP: Safari and Edge are unsupported.)

This world-class exam approach gives you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities by taking the OneStream Lead Architect Certification Exam in a live, cloud-based lab environment. In addition to the multiple-choice items, you will be presented with a series of instructions to perform tasks that align with OneStream’s implementation lifecycle. Each job task will present a “real-world” situation, allowing you to demonstrate your abilities.

While the Beta exams will be offered at a discount, the post-beta Lead Architect production exam will cost $1,000 USD and will be timed in its entirety considering the amount of time it would take to complete tasks for a live implementation project. Additionally, the exam will have delayed scoring, ensuring that OneStream performs industry standard statistical analyses on all exams to ensure compliance.

Digital Credentials and Badges

Tell the world about your accomplishment! After candidates pass an exam, they will receive a digital credential issued by OneStream through Credly to share on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The digital credentials are online representations of your accomplishments providing earners increased value by enabling interested parties to view, verify, and discover the qualifications you have achieved – in just one click. More importantly, digital credentials allow you to share your OneStream verified certification and select training achievements with your customers to instill confidence in your capabilities and give you a competitive advantage.

Download the Digital Credentials and Badges FAQ

Learn about the Certification Program Terms and Conditions


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