Task Manager

Organize and manage workflow processes across functions and streamline critical processes.

Organize Workflows Inside and Outside of OneStream™ XF

Eliminate spreadsheets, manual steps or legacy applications that hinder effective financial close, reporting, planning and other processes.


Flexibility and Control

OneStream's Financial Task Management solution can be applied to any workflow – financial close, disclosures, budgeting, planning, forecasting and others.

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Enhanced Collaboration

Messaging and notifications alert team members to upcoming deadlines, and enables users to provide commentary on task status.

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Improved Accountability

Role and task security drive accountability and ensure segregation of duties, when needed.

Key Features

Visual Progress Charts

Provides managers with real-time visibility into the status of key processes with the ability to take action on bottlenecks.

  • Progress charts highlight key tasks, due dates and dependencies
  • Task Scorecard provides a summary view across multiple tasks, and completion status, with drill-down capabilities into task details
  • Tasks can navigate users to unfinished workflows, reports or dashboards or can launch calculations and processes
  • Task Viewer provides visual Gantt charts with filtering capabilities and additional task status

Integrated Messaging

Integrated messaging alerts team members to upcoming deadlines, and alerts managers to overdue tasks.

  • Managers can post task-based messages to users
  • Users can forward tasks when appropriate
  • Messages can be tied to specific tasks, with date and time stamps
  • Email notifications and user comments tied to task status

Role and Task Security

Role and task security drive accountability and ensure segregation of duties.

  • Tasks and task groups are linked to Workflows in OneStream XF
  • Visibility into tasks is based on the ownership of task and assigned attributes
  • Strict segregation of duties, e.g., user cannot complete and approve the same task in a given month

Disclosure Management

The Disclosure Management features in OneStream Task Manager enable multiple users to collaborate on shared documents such as board books and regulatory filings. Through integration with Microsoft Office products, users can work in an environment that’s familiar and productive.

  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint connect directly to OneStream XF
  • Combine reports, charts, graphs and text in a single document
  • Make comments and collaborate with your peers
Henniges was able to replace several disparate systems (Hyperion Enterprise, custom SQL Database, remote desktop for accessing HE, and manual excel uploads for actuals) with a singularly integrated OneStream XF solution. OneStream’s Guided Workflows and flexible consolidation and reporting engine offered us a turn-key solution for our business users that ensures data quality and confidence. Powerful analysis tools and more financial intelligence allows our users to more quickly understand the business. From a corporate perspective, OneStream delivers improved intercompany elimination and previously unavailable with Hyperion®. Linda Hellebuyck | Corporate Controller | Henniges Automotive

Henniges Streamlines Consolidation, Reporting, and Forecasting with OneStream

Learn how Henniges Automotive replaced Hyperion and other legacy tools with OneStream for financial consolidation, reporting and forecasting. Find out how extended their investment to improve visibility into profitability by customers and products. Read the Case Study

OneStream Task Manager keeps cross-functional teams on the same page and streamlines critical processes. Key features of the Task Manager solution include:

  • Fully integrated with OneStream XF, not a disconnected 3rd party tool
  • Can be applied to any workflow process
  • Provides real-time visibility into the status of key tasks and dependencies
  • Integrated messaging, notifications and collaboration
  • Strict segregation of duties
  • Detailed logging and audit features
  • Full process transparency through workflow
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment. Hybrid also supported

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