Transaction Matching

Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes and point solutions with the Transaction Matching solution from the OneStream™ XF MarketPlace.

Accelerate Transaction Matching, Account Reconciliations and the Financial Close Process

Match transactional data from multiple sources and quickly identify and resolve differences.

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Accelerate the Period-End Close Process

Speed transaction matching and account reconciliations.

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Improve the Accuracy of Financial Statements

Reduce write-offs of unexplained differences.

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Enhance Visibility and Audit Trails

Reduce data latency and costs with a unified platform.

Key Features

Seamless Data Integration

Load transaction data from multiple sources for matching.

  • Load data flat files or direct connect
  • Data can be imported daily, weekly, or monthly as needed
  • Perform data stacking and splitting to support matching

Automatic or Manual Matching of Transactions

Match a variety of transactions from multiple sources.

  • Leverage a configurable rules-driven matching approach
  • Identify and resolve un-matched transactions
  • Approvals, commenting and attachments

Built-in Reporting and Analytics

Extensive reporting and exporting of results.

  • Produce matching scorecard and supporting analysis
  • Present KPIs on transaction and match information
  • Pivot reports can be exported for reporting purposes
We are currently using OneStream Transaction Matching for a new process we are implementing with claims. This new process involves direct payments from our bank account, requiring us to reconcile the transactions daily, instead of waiting for month-end. Doing this daily matching of bank transactions manually with Excel would have been a nightmare, whereas the Transaction Matching solution allows us to automate much of the process and save a great deal of time and effort. Financial Analysis and Tax Manager, West Bend Mutual Insurance | Jessica Greisch