Melrose PLC Success Story


About Melrose PLC

Melrose buys good manufacturing businesses with strong fundamentals whose performance can be improved. Melrose finances its acquisitions using a low level of leverage, improves the businesses by a mixture of investment and changed management focus, sells them and returns the proceeds to shareholders. Please visit to learn more.

The Challenge


Melrose requirements revolved around complete replacement of Hyperion Enterprise, HFM and FDM for management, statutory reporting – weekly, monthly treasury cash flow forecasting. Key requirements included an agile solution that offered true flexibility when acquiring and divesting businesses quickly while retaining historical data.

The business problem


Melrose needed a unified CPM solution that not only reduced the burden of maintaining multiple products and integrations with the agility needed to adapt to the but also allowed for complete visibility into data, meta data and process changes. Previous reporting solution did not provide complete visibility into a reliable weekly cash flow forecasting and reporting.

The OneStream XF Solution


Melrose implemented OneStream XF for management, statutory reporting and weekly treasury cash flow forecasting. By implementing OneStream XF Melrose was able to utilize a single platform that complied with their statutory reporting requirements, improve analysis, audit controls, and provide and overall visibility into changes. Additionally, by pushing process to the businesses OneStream XF made the close process faster and easier.


Financial consolidation and reporting results

Owned by the office of Finance, OneStream delivers powerful management and ad hoc reporting for management and business users. OneStream XF meets and exceeds all advanced financial consolidation and reporting requirements in a single and agile solution that is easy to use, own and maintain.

“OneStream’s Unified Financial Intelligence and Extensible Model Melrose to deliver maximum value to corporate reporting along with operational value to each diverse business unit. OneStream’s Guided Workflows and powerful consolidation and reporting engine offer a turn-key solution to business users and a lower TCO for group reporting.”

— Jason Care | Group Systems Manager, Melrose PLC


Weekly cash forecasting

Melrose requires a weekly cash forecasting collection to understand the impact on cash flow to the business week by week. OneStream XF offered a streamlined Guided Workflow process familiar to the business users to collect these cash changes in order to understand the impact to group reporting.


All solutions live in a single rational system to own and maintain

There is no substitute for the value of having one system that can share and extend dimensions to deliver multiple solutions without the technical complexity of having to install, implement, maintain, learn and upgrade multiple products or modules in a suite approach.



About OneStream Software

OneStream Software provides a marketleading CPM 2.0 solution, the OneStream XF SmartCPM™ platform. OneStream XF unifies and simplifies financial consolidation, planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality for sophisticated organizations. Deployed via the cloud or on-premise, OneStream’s unified platform enables organizations to modernize Finance, replace multiple legacy applications, and reduce the total cost of ownership of financial systems. OneStream unleashes Finance teams to spend less time on data integration and system maintenance – and more time focusing on driving business performance.

The OneStream XF MarketPlace features more than 50 downloadable solutions that allow customers to easily extend the value of their CPM platform to quickly meet the changing needs of finance and operations. We are driven by our mission statement that every customer must be a reference and success.

For more information, please visit OneStream Software or on Twitter @OneStream_Soft.